Saturday, January 15, 2005

Should Virus Writing be a Crime?

I just read an article on (thanks to that is an interview with an ex-virus writer about his new job and some of the issues that he faces in it. It seems to me that most people focus on how bad virus' are, and how anyone who might write a virus is evil and should be banned from the IT industry for life... I think that this article is well written and shows people that writing virus' does not mean that you're a criminal.

Writing virus' is similar to penetration testing, or figuring out how a system might be vulnerable. Unless the person writing the virus actually releases the virus or causes some sort of damage, they have not hurt anyone, but they have provided some knowledge to the community so that improvements may be made on existing systems and security. One stipulation to my last statement is that the virus author should release the source-code so that it may be studied and serve as a learning tool.

Link to article.

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