Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Post-Install Configuration

I have re-installed FreeBSD and am now configuring the system to my liking. The install of BASH during the install helped my situation and allowed me to select BASH as the shell for my users. I was not able to select BASH for the root user during the install, as those settings are already selected and the install only gives the option of choosing the password. I was able to change the shell after the fact. The way to change the shell environment for the account post-creation is to use the chsh command. When using this command, you can just type the command and follow the prompt, or use the command with a '-s' and the path to the shell. The command that I used in FreeBSD was:

'chsh -s /usr/local/bin/bash'

Note: when I had not installed BASH during the system install phase last time, I was unable to use this command without a segmentation fault.

The next item to fix is the mouse. I configured the mouse with the settings that I thought would work best and it does not work properly. The mouse shows that it's detected in the dmesg output as the psm0 device. The mouse is acting like it is using the wrong device or the wrong driver.

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