Thursday, April 07, 2005

Biometrics: Good Idea or Not?

If the use of biometrics to increase the level of security or safety that you enjoy appeals to you, visit and read about a Malaysian businessman who lost his finger because it was the only means to start his Mercedes. This incident shows to me that biometrics are NOT a viable security alternative. I don't want someone trying to cut off my finger or pull my eyeball out of the socket so that they can take my car for a joy-ride around the city. I agree with the author of the article on that I do not want something used for security that is physically tied to me.

This incident reminds me of hearing about foreign diplomats who are implanted with RFID tags so that they can be located and recovered in the event of a kidnapping. The crooks are not all foolish, they found out and began removing limbs that held the RFID tags (which were usually hands). What are YOU willing to sacrifice for that level of "safety"?

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