Friday, April 29, 2005

Encryption: Enigmail for Mozilla Thunderbird

Enigmail is an extension for Mozilla Thunderbird that will allow integration with the GnuPG encryption utility. This is a very useful tool that features key management, email signing, and encryption of email. I heartily recommend this extension to anyone who uses Thunderbird.

While installing Enigmail for Mozilla Thunderbird, I had some difficulty getting the extension installed. I would open the extensions dialogue and select the xpi file from my desktop and nothing would happen. I have not had to install the windows version for such a long time that I forgot that I had to perform the install as an Administrator account before I install it as a Limited-Access User Account. I don't agree with the way that this system works, as it means that the application is too closely coupled with the system registry and affects more than my single user when I install this extension. If this extension requires Administrator privileges to install, why doesn't it install for every user on the system when I do perform the Admin install?

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