Monday, May 02, 2005

ISP Security

While researching ISPs lately, I came across an interesting concept on the website of Speakeasy where they will allow individual customers to be a mini-ISP with their netshare program. With this program, any customer who considers themselves competent can share their connection with others for profit and the customer is responsible for the actions of the users who they are sharing their connection with. If someone you happen to be sharing your connection with is downloading child porn or other illicit activity, you will be held responsible if you do not take care of it. Also, the system is designed for wireless connections, and the customer is responsible for the security of the configuration. It seems pretty un-safe to me to allow consumers who "think" that they are competent be responsible for the security of the information that their neighbors pass over the network! I think that there needs to be a qualification check in place to make sure that this doesn't get out of hand. Another caveat, the customer who administers the netshare program must provide tech-support for their users, which could be a big hassle if not properly managed.

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