Sunday, April 17, 2005

Email Clients: Mutt

I recently SSH'd into one of my servers running Fedora Core 3 and wanted to check my local mail. Not wanting to use the basic mail utility, I tried for my old favorite, Pine. With Pine nowhere to be found, I began to search for an alternative to it [since it is being used less and less, as I have found -- FreeBSD actually discourages the installation of Pine due to some security vulnerabilities]. After some very short searching on Google, I ran across Mutt and decided to try it out. It takes a few minutes to get the basics down, but this MUA is excellent! I really enjoy being able to use my "default editor" on any system to edit my email. I am a hard-core vi user, so being able to edit email in vi makes my life easier. There seems to be a fairly active user and developer base for Mutt so this bodes well for support and documentation. There is also a Mutt wiki.

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